Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Official Corel® Painter Bookazine Vol. 02

I picked up the new Bookazine from Corel Painter. It features some of the past tutorials and features from the Magazine. Two of the tutorials that I did are in there. The Vintage Travel Poster from Issue 19 and Adding People to a Landscape from Issue 20.
Thanks to Painter Magazine, Jo Cole and April Madden for including me!!
Hey all...It's been awhile since I uploaded anything. Had an art show that went really well and alot of other exciting things going on. One was I just got my computer back. I was in my studio and the cord got wrapped around the wheel and I backed up to do something and yanked my computer right off the desk. So I've been using traditional mediums for awhile now. Everything is back up and check back shortly for new posts.

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