Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Picture Time from the Kustom Kulture show

Okay so I finally have some pictures up from the show. It was a good show, had alot of people go through, about 2200 people, according to the door counter and minus the repeat visitors. Thank you to all my friends, family, fellow students and people I just don't know, that came during the month it was up.
The next Big show will be for my Grad Show for the completion of the Masters program, so mark your calenders, Saturday, October 10th 7 - 10pm.
See you all then!
Inscore's (hope you enjoyed your date Aaron), folks, Grandparents and more all looking at the work. I had a couple of displays of my work for Painter Magazine on display. Wanted people to be able to see some of the other work I do.

My friend Hahn - thanks for coming and hanging out!

My Dad and I in front of Bring it by Saturday which is inspired by all those times of working on the car with him.

Marco Jessica and Krista at the end of the night.
Thanks for all the hockey tickets.

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