Saturday, July 30, 2011

Santa's Helper - Visual Development

Here is some Visual Development I did with a buddy for Edge of L.A. Productions that is pitching a movie script. And they needed some visuals for their presentation. This is what they decided on...
"Santa's Helper - Brad Sutton: Edge of L.A. Productions"
Thumbnails in the sketchbook for approval of the composition and image.
Final drawing 3 x 8. That's all they wanted. I'll probably do some color studies for these at a later date here...
Enjoy and Cheers!
Would have had more thumbnail for the running of the bulls but I spilt coffee on that page!

I really liked this one. It's probably because of the landscape. I did a lot of visual development on my own for the windmill. Kind of fell in love with it and doing all the research. I'll post those soon

And here is the last one Amsterdam street during winter...

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