Sunday, July 31, 2011

Deus Libris: An Illustrated Collection

Hey Everyone
So I had the pleasure of being asked to be apart of this illustrated book. Dues Libris is a compilation art book that features 30 artists. It is a illustrated mythology book, of different mythologies from around the world. It is also the second book in the series. It was great to be apart of it and great to see all the great art in the book. Also a great book for kids studying Greek mythology and cultures in school!
Books are $20.00 + $5.00 S/H
30 artists - 30 pages
Enjoy and Cheers!
This was the page I did and don't ask how to say the name, however you say sounds good to me!
Irdlirvirisissong (Inuit/Eskimo) - Sometimes Irdlirvirisissong comes out into the sky to dance and clown and make people laugh. But if anyone is nearby, the people must restrain themselves or he will dry them up and eat their intestines.
Nice Huh!!

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