Friday, December 8, 2017

Happiness Show - Stepping on Crunchy Leaves

Hey Y'all 

So at Disney Television Animation we have these great themed art shows for the employees to be involved in. They are lots of fun and allow you to work in a medium different then what we do everyday at the studio. 

This theme was to do a piece of Art on something that makes you happy. I picked stepping on crunchy leaves. Always loved stepping on a good crunchy leaf. 

I also had gone to the Animation Research Library and saw a ton of great background from
Sequence 8 of Sleeping Beauty, Goliath II, Paul Bunyan, Once upon a Wintertime, and finally Magic Highway USA.  The thing with Magic Highway, USA that really impressed on me was in the 
far background you would see these little towns or farms. And I always loved painting those little details that are incidental to the whole background, But there is a little world and story in there. And its fun when painting them to think about whole might live there, what vegetables are in the garden. Good Times. 

Oh and the other thing I also loved that makes me happy is small little paintings. They are more intimate. 

Cheers and Enjoy!!

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