Thursday, August 9, 2012 - We Are Art

Hey Y'all
So here is a link to the job I did at MassMarket. I was the Digital Matte Painter on the job, as well as contributing Style frames, set extensions, and concept art for the job. I had an awesome time on this job and learned a bunch. The Commercial was for click on the link to view the spot
Here are some shots from the commercial
Monet - Water lillies
Jack Vettriano - The Singing Butler
Nurse and Sailor - VJ Day
Roy Lichenstien - M-Maybe
Vincent Van Gogh - No title because we made up this painting from about 5-6 different Van Goghs.
He here is my awesome Visual Effects Director Andy Jones. Here he is on location for the photo shoot for the VJ Day shoot. He was so great to work with, I learned so much from him.
Photo courtesy of MassMarket.TV
Hope you guys enjoyed, I really enjoyed working on this project.
Enjoy and Cheers!!

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