Friday, August 28, 2009

My Favorite Location

Johnson's Pasture in Claremont has to be my favorite place to paint. You have to hike up a steep grade to get into the pasture (which always reminds me that I am out of shape), there is great like and views, and I always see animals when I'm up there. Here are a few of the recent ones,

Road to Johnson's Pasture

Sunset in the Pasture

5:30pm in the Pasture


BrandoAbba said...

MAN! these are GReat!! I'm so Jelly I couldn't make it with you! Ive gotta get back on track!

Chez Dave said...

Looks like your color studies are real solid. I always liked the "Into the Distance" painting you did although I never knew it was yours until now. Oh and I checked out Heinrich Kley and he did some great cartoons..."Wet nurse to elephants"