Thursday, March 20, 2008

Bring it on Saturday

"Bring it on Saturday" is a painting I did that has major influences from my Dad. When ever my car would be having trouble on monday, he would tell me to bring it on Saturday and will take a look at it!!! That's a week away, I never understood it!!!

Also, I always remember sticking the tools in my pocket and they would be way to big. There's other little details.....but that for me and my Dad. Hope you enjoy!


JRev said...

Brad...the caption says "my car would be having trouble he would tell me to bring it on Saturday, and it would be monday!!!"

I don't get it...are you missing a word in there? Should it be "done on Monday!!!"

Heather said...

Cool,funny background story, Brad. Can't help liking sentimentality!

BS Illustrations said...

Thanks Heather, I try to keep it narrative. I'm glad you enjoy it.